The Philippines are actually an archipelago of over 7,000 islands lying about 500 miles off the southeast coast of Asia. Only about 7% of the islands are larger than one square mile, and only one-third have names. The largest are Luzon in the north, Mindanao in the south, and Samar. The islands are of volcanic origin, with the larger ones crossed by mountain ranges.

Highlights: Breath taking beauty and the friendliness of the locals.

Language: Filipino and English are the two official languages also there are 8 major dialects.

Telephone Codes: +63
Currency: Peso

If you want to explore, and if you are ready to cope with some eccentric infrastructure and a distinctly laid-back attitude towards the passage of time, the Philippines has more to offer than many of its neighbours. Enjoy the warm crystal blue waters of both the China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Mention the Philippines and images of long, white sand beaches and bodies of water blessed with a variety of marine life come to mind.

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