About ownership of vacation intervals with Club Absolute

We all understand it makes much more sense to own than to rent anything in the long term. Vacations are certainly no exception to the rule.

The perception of many is that any form of vacation ownership would restrict you simply to the same week in the same unit in the same resort year after year. This could not be further from the truth as the industry is offering more flexibility and benefits. There are a selection of well established reputable exchange companies offering access to thousands of very high quality resorts worldwide, as well as further ‘member-benefits’ on a variety of leisure products and services, extra rental accommodation and the most recent addition, a member preferred rate for almost all the major cruise lines.

The most notable and extensive research (by Ragatz Associates) states that the high level of customer satisfaction is in excess of 80% has lead to one fifth of the new vacation ownership purchases being made by existing owners purchasing additional weeks with the typical member owning 2 or 3 weeks simply for his own use. Also corporations have now started to purchase vacation ownership intervals for staff incentives and high level staff benefits offering normally out of range quality accommodations worldwide.

To any Resort Developer, vacation ownership offers a way to attract a new loyal customer to their property or club and to add an ever increasing market segment too. Currently around 6.7 million households and increasing daily, are the owners of their vacations in all parts of the world from Australia & New Zealand, North & South America, the United Kingdom, all across Europe and as well throughout the Ukraine and Russia, Asia plus more recently throughout the Peoples Republic of China.

Resort Developers can benefit by either including a percentage of excess units or inventory into a vacation ownership membership programme and operate under a mixed use resort module or opt to run the entire property exclusively for vacation owners. Either way the results can be excellent for both developer and consumer alike – a real win – win situation.

To the corporate or private consumer, vacation ownership is a way of ensuring quality accommodations at an affordable price and a way of paying for the actual time you use, rather than owning and paying for an ’empty-most of the time’ holiday property, spreading the Resort
costs with the other ‘members’ of the club. The system of vacation ownership allows members to purchase often very high-end, fully-furnished and serviced holiday properties for only a fraction of the cost of a full property ownership.

Many well known brand name hospitality groups within the hotel and leisure industry have entered into the vacation ownership industry and have enjoyed tremendous success in doing so. These include the Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and maybe the most well known named group, the Disney Corporation.

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