Frequently asked Questions

When can I go on my vacations?

You can begin to vacation as soon as you are registered as an Absolute Owner and have completed your Purchase Agreement. You have your own unique Absolute Purchase Agreement number, which you should quote every time you e-mail or call Absolute. That’s the easiest and fastest way for us to know who you are.

How long does it take to get the resort accommodation confirmations?

This varies from immediately right-now to within 24 hrs or maybe 48 hrs depending on time differences and location of resorts. If the space and dates you request are available, your request can be confirmed immediately. If not, your Absolute Vacation Consultant can enter your request into the computer system to continue to search for a match. Your Absolute Vacation Consultant will contact you to advise on availability and, if necessary, assist you with your vacation planning.

What are the fees I must pay to use my ownership in Absolute?

Once you have purchased and fully paid up (one time joining fee), thats it! You have a lifetime of vacations awaiting you all for a small annual management charge payable each year, and you can use any of the internal use resorts for NO EXTRA FEE’s.

Internal use – there is no fee to pay to book these resorts – currently there are over 200 resorts available on Internal Use.

External Use – the fee is 79 Euros (approx. 3,600 THB) payable only when we confirm your requested accommodation (fee is payable per week or part there of). If we can’t confirm it, you are not charged.

The annual management charge for your annual entitlement week(s) and provided you want more vacation time, simply pay a booking fee when you make your request for extra week(s).

Does Absolute own or manage all the resorts within the Absolute resort network?

Absolute owns and manages some of the resorts in the network, and others are resorts the Absolute Group has an agreement to work with, sometimes directly or on occasions, indirectly through an Absolute associated or partner company.

Absolute is constantly looking to improve the services provided to its members when offering all forms of resort accommodations on both internal and external use plans, gaining as much access to alternative exchangeable accommodations worldwide. The Absolute world of resorts is growing and our Absolute owners can access more and more destinations through the Absolute Associate Resort Network.

How can I make my Absolute Ownership work best for me?

The greatest thing with Absolute is that it’s very flexible. As well as the number of weeks you are entitled to book, you can use Absolute Last Minute and Absolute Extra Rentals to choose where to go or to stay. Absolute is your Gateway to the Globe! We suggest you always select and inform the Absolute Travel Centre of two or three preferred travel dates for your preferred destination. If you select one resort, you are limiting yourself to the availability of one resort, however if you request an area, you may have all the resorts in that area available to you. It’s is obviously better to request your vacation accommodation as early as possible to avoid lack of availability. It really is that simple.

How will I know when my Absolute Ownership expires?

Have a look at your Hutchinson Trust Company issued Ownership Certificate. It will state clearly when the expiry date is.

Also when your ownership expiry date is approaching, Absolute will keep you informed. Alternatively, you may e mail or call us directly to check on the status of your Absolute at any time.

Why do I have to pay Annual Management Charges?

Annual management charges are usually invoiced in August and are due to be paid in full by October 1st, for the following year.

All Absolute Owners pay their share of the total annual management costs for the Absolute club day to day running. This money simply pays your share of the general upkeep, maintenance and management of ownership in Absolute. Every Absolute Owner has purchased to improve the quality of his or her vacations and the management fee covers the reservation service and the booking fees cover the specially priced accommodation.

Why should I pay my funds for the initial purchase to the Trustee?

The Trustee is independent and will ensure that the monies it receives remain protected until such time as it is satisfied that there is sufficient Absolute Accommodation in the system which has been secured and is ready for immediate use. At this point, the Trustee is able to provide you with your Absolute Ownership Certificate – which confirms what you bought and releases the funds to the Developer (club Absolute).

What should I do if I lose my Absolute Ownership Certificate?

Your Absolute Ownership Certificate is a very important and is your legal document confirming what you have purchased. It should be kept safe at all times. If you should lose it, you should notify either the Trustee and / or Absolute Member Services, by telephone, email or in writing as soon as possible. If you require a duplicate certificate to be issued, you will need to contact the Trustee and complete an indemnity form or contact us and we will help you through all the steps. When contacting the Trustee for an indemnity form, quote your full name, address and of course what you own in Absolute. This will get confirmed with the club and the whole process takes just a few weeks.

What should I do if I change my address?

You should notify us and the Trustee, in writing as soon as possible. Your Ownership can only remain totally protected if Absolute and the Trustee has the most up-to-date address to which your Annual Management Charge invoice should be sent. Invoices sent to the wrong address, resulting in non-payment, could cause suspension and ultimate cancellation of your Ownership. You may request a new Absolute Ownership Certificate reflecting your new address although there will be a fee payable for the administration and postage etc at the time.

Can I rent out any of my Absolute usage week(s) if I am unable, or do not wish to use it in any year?

Yes, simply advise the Absolute Travel Centre of the name of the person who will be using your Ownership and occupying the accommodation and we will notify the resort and let them have a written confirmation, normally sent by email.

When can I expect to receive my Absolute Ownership Certificate and what should I do if I don’t receive it?

You should normally receive your certificate within 180 days of making your final payment. If you don’t receive your certificate, you should, in the first instance, contact the Absolute Member Services and they will look into the issue immediately. If you still do not receive it, you may contact the Trustee, quoting your name that you have purchased Absolute, of course, and your Purchase Agreement number as well as the date the agreement was signed.

What should I do in the event of death/marriage/divorce?

You should notify us and the Trustee in writing, as soon as possible and enclose with your correspondence a copy of the appropriate certification. If you require a new certificate it can be issued at a small administration fee and posted back to you promptly.

Who normally pays Credit Card charges when I pay my annual management charges?

The Absolute Owner is responsible for the payment as the Trustee has to receive the full amount not the amount less credit card and on line charges. This is always clearly notified in advance. And there are alternative ways to pay besides using debit / credit cards, such as via, MoneyCorp for bank transfers or via a Euro bank cheque drawn on a UK bank.

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